MatWash 360°: A More Affordable, Environmental Mat Washing Solution


At Little Guy Oilfield Rentals, environmental responsibility and customer service are our top priorities. We work hard to offer our customers the best service possible, and that includes offering products that make your job easier. And since we live and breathe rig mats, both wood and composite, we had our MatWash 360°system custom built to exceed industry standards of cleanliness and efficiency.



Clean Your Mats Better and Quicker

Our MatWash 360° system doesn’t just clean your mats in record time, it also recycles the water used in the process. An automated, portable, […]

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DuraDeck & SignaRoad – Composite Mats For Any Jobsite

At Little Guy Oil Field Rentals, we supply a wide range of matting solutions that can fit any situation you find yourself in. Whether you are looking for SignaRoad,DuraDeck,Access Mats, or rubber mats, we have got you covered.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the mud. Equipment fails, you are getting dirty, and your workers are getting hurt, overall, not exactly a situation you want to find yourself in. The ability to execute a job safely and efficiently is extremely important, and when the ground is unreliable, you will need to consider your options and […]

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Break Up Season

What is your plan for Break-up Season?

So, Break-up Season is upon us. This means mucky, and unstable ground conditions, government road bans, and, depending on your situation, lots of free time.

For some, this is an ideal time to relax, go on vacation, spend time with family, seek education, get recertified, and service; clean; and repair equipment. For some, they are lucky enough to either be employed or work for a company that is prepared for the challenges ahead.

Although this time of year can be particularly difficult, specifically for any industry that relies on the transportation and operation of heavy […]

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