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Health & Safety Considerations

We are committed to meeting and exceeding existing standards of environmental stewardship, health and safety. Under the guidance of our HSE manager, we seek to ensure that any personnel associated with any of our projects have the proper knowledge, training and tools to complete the job in a manner which safeguards them and their fellow workers.

In order to assure we are maintaining our safety management system, and continuously conforming to changing government regulations, we are a proud member of both ComplyWorks, ISNetworld and are COR certified.

Environmental Considerations

Current government regulations are having a big impact on the increase of temporary matting use in ecologically sensitive areas. Access matting effectively reduces the inherent damage of road building and heavy traffic.

By drastically reducing or eliminating surface disturbance and contamination, our products allows our customers to lower their environmental footprint. We plan to continue our efforts to meet or exceed environmental guidelines and ensure our operations demonstrate the best industry practices.