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MatWash 360°: A More Affordable, Environmental Mat Washing Solution

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At Little Guy Oilfield Rentals, environmental responsibility and customer service are our top priorities. We work hard to offer our customers the best service possible, and that includes offering products that make your job easier. And since we live and breathe rig mats, both wood and composite, we had our MatWash 360°system custom built to exceed industry standards of cleanliness and efficiency.



Clean Your Mats Better and Quicker

Our MatWash 360° system doesn’t just clean your mats in record time, it also recycles the water used in the process. An automated, portable, conveyor and wash systems, the MatWash 360° cleans the entire mat using a high-pressure pumpsand cleaning nozzles that scour the mat from every angle even into the deepest grooves and gouges. Plus, the MatWash 360° cleans your rig mats quicker, over ten times faster than a manual wash system, saving you time and money.


Prevent Contamination and Promote Environmental Responsibility

In Western Canada’s oil and gas, utilities, remediation, mining, and construction industries, one of the biggest concerns is contamination – in particular, the spread of clubroot, a soil-borne disease that affects the country’s agriculture industry. A challenge in Alberta, clubroot largely impacts the farming industry (with canola, mustard, and cole being particularly susceptible) by destroy crops and creating yield loss. Spread through soil disturbances (especially contaminated machinery such as rig mats and drilling equipment), prevention is vital to reducing the spread and impact of this destructive disease. As a result, oil and gas companies are adopting prevention and sanitization practices to reduce its spread and prevent the work they’re doing from impacting the agricultural industry. One of the surest ways to reduce contamination of clubroot,noxious weeds, and otherinvasive speciesis to use the MatWash 360° system to clean and chlorinate your rig mats.

The MatWash 360° system also collects and recycles wash water using WaterSafe technology, saving nearly 1,000 litres of water per matt wash. Custom built with a state-of-the-art filtration system, the MatWash 360° offers a heavy-duty recycling process that can withstand even the toughest contaminants, allowing us to recycle water, treat wastewater, and reduce the overall environmental impact of washing our customers’ rig mats.

Cut Costs and Extend Your Mat Life Cycle

An efficient system that reduces mat hauling costs (clean mats weigh less), sending your rig mats to Little Guy is good for your budget, over both the short and long term. As industry leaders, we pride ourselves on the MatWash 360° system’s superior performance and its ability to improve our customer service. Washing a rig mat is 10 times cheaper than buying a new one, and cleaning your mats extends their life cycle, putting your dollars to work longer and harder while also ensuring that your mats are sanitized for the next job.

If you’re looking to get your mats washed or just looking for more information feel free to reach out to Little Guy using our LittleBot or call us toll free at 1 (888) 966-9364.




DuraDeck & SignaRoad – Composite Mats For Any Jobsite

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At Little Guy Oil Field Rentals, we supply a wide range of matting solutions that can fit any situation you find yourself in. Whether you are looking for SignaRoad,DuraDeck,Access Mats, or rubber mats, we have got you covered.

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the mud. Equipment fails, you are getting dirty, and your workers are getting hurt, overall, not exactly a situation you want to find yourself in. The ability to execute a job safely and efficiently is extremely important, and when the ground is unreliable, you will need to consider your options and design a plan to ensure things stay on track.

One of Little Guy’s most efficient and versatile options is our DuraDeck mats. They are specifically designed to be lightweight, easy to clean and can provide either a rugged or non-slip terrain to allow effective use for both vehicles and personnel.

DuraDeck mats are only 86 lbs as compared to more traditional mats, which can range anywhere from 2000-7000 lbs. This means you could install an entire set without the need for large, or heavy equipment. In fact, DuraDeck mats can be easily installed by 1-2 worksite personnel, which is perfect if you are in an area that is cramped, crowded and has low accessibility.

This also adds benefit to transportation costs. Depending on your situation, the cost to haul your mats could be as little as nothing. However, with Little Guy’s equipment and matting transportation service, we can haul up to 500 mats in a single load as compared to some of our other mats.

DuraDeck is more commonly used on projects, worksites, or events that take place in ultrasensitive areas where any form of ground disturbance is a major concern. Areas such as golf courses, parks, and residential yards. Although incredibly lightweight, DuraDeck mats can support up to 80 tons, making them the most ideal in any situation, such as oil and gas sites, general construction, ground protection, landscaping, scaffolding bases and disaster relief sites.

Large scale projects traditionally always call for the use of heavy-duty wood access mats, however, the one major difference when compared to DuraDeck and SignaRoad mats, is the overall reusability and lifespan. 3 Ply Wood mats tend to have a 5-use lifespan before they are recycled, and are completely susceptible to things like weather and the elements. One of the major concerns when working with 3 ply wooden mats is their ability to absorb almost any liquid they encounter, which means as soon as any type of chemical or oil spill occurs, all affected mats become effectively ruined and need to be immediately removed and disposed of as they pose major negative environmental impacts. DuraDeck and SignaRoad, on the other hand, have a lifespan that is more than 10x longer, are water, chemical, and oil resistant, and are not affected by the constant cycle between wet and dry.

SignaRoad Placement

SignaRoad Placement

There is a lot that goes into deciding the right mat for your job, especially when there is such variety. Take a look at the environment you are about to start working in. Is it dry or is it wet? Maybe it’s a mixture of the two? What is the area made up of? Grass, dirt, loose soil, sand or mud? What kind of weather patterns can you expect? Are there any major environmental concerns in the surrounding area? What is the accessibility like? Can a Skid steer, Loader, or a large flatbed tractor trailer easily enter and maneuver in the area?

Obviously, there is a lot to be considered, and although we cannot make all the decisions for you, we can certainly help. If you have fully made your decision on what you need, or perhaps you are still on the fence and need some more answers, give us a call, send us an email, or introduce yourself to LittleBot, our Little Guy Live Chat service, and let’s get your project started today!

As always, we wish you the best,

Little Guy Oil Field Rentals


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