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Rig Mats

Our rig mats are consistently durable and reliable. They are designed and developed for heavy weight distribution and significantly reduce reclamation costs. The rig mats provide a large smooth working platform so our customers can complete their projects in a safe and clean environment.

  • 4 Beam heavy duty steel framed inserted section with 6” x 6” wood blocking
  • 3 Beam standard steel framed inserted sections with 6” x 6” wood blocking
  • 6” wide flange steel construction
  • Shackles for lifting
  • Easy loading
  • 8’ x 40’ (7200 lbs.)
  • 8’ x 20’ (4000 lbs.)
  • Thickness: 6”
  • Weight: 3500 – 7200 lbs.
  • Load Capacity: 3500 lbs./sq. ft.

Interlocking Mats

This is a very versatile rig mat that has interlocking ability from each side. These mats are ideal for pipeline crossings, roadways, lay-down areas, crane pads, shop floors, plant sites and road boring. The key advantage of these rig mats is their size (8’ x 15’), which allows easy transportation and handling in constricted areas.

  • Size: 8’ x 15’
  • Weight: 2800 lbs.
  • Transportation: 26-28 mats per haul

3 Ply Wood Mats

We have become an industry leader in wood matting sector. The 3 ply wood mats are essential for creating a access roadway to your job site.

  • Sizes: 8’ x 14’
  • Weight: 2000 lbs.
  • 3 ply solid core carriage bolted
  • Types: 3 ply fir mats (Oak mats also available)

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats can be used for a variety of applications with easy clean up, wand wash and no environmental damage. Rubber mats are ideal for drilling contractors, road access, pipeline crossings, remote helicopter pads, lay-down areas, tent or shop floors, utility contractors, mining, wash pads and much more. They are easy to maneuver with a fork lift, grapple picker, and cranes. Rubber mats also cause less damage to equipment and vehicles and, minimize electrical hazards and require very little maintenance.

  • Size: 8’ x 14’
  • Weight: 2950 lbs.
  • Thickness: 5”